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Why Travel Agents Are Essential in Modern Days?

Like a professional game of pool, coordinating a successful vacation requires a certain amount of strategy and skill. There are many moving parts and key components to travel planning, and without a professional travel advocate on your side, you risk overlooking some pertinent elements and details in your plans.

Here are a few things, that your Travel Advisor will assist you with!

Instead of you spending hours of your day conducting research and attempting to coordinate all the pieces of your travel puzzle, a Travel Designer, like myself, is hired to save you time, money, and headaches by managing the many details or your vacation.

In addition to saving you time, a Travel Professional can add value to your trip while saving you money. There are many promotions and complimentary add-ons that are available exclusively for Travel Agents to enhance their clients’ experience.

Next, An experience Travel Professional has relationships with the Suppliers, and have actual contacts with those resorts/cruise lines that they book you for. If there is ever an issue, or opportunity for a special incentive, your agent will have an onsite contact.

Another VERY important piece...CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! If there is ever an issue, or emergency, your Travel Agent is available to assist you, rebook you, and fight on your behalf to get your desired results.

There are many parts of travel that oftentimes get overlooked, until you arrive. A few examples of these overlooked components are - transfers between the airport and resort, onsite reservataions, excursions, COVID test for your return, and so much more. Having a skilled Travel Advisor, ensures that these things are already mapped out for you.

Finally, a GREAT, Travel Advisor encompasses experience and an abundance of knowledge in the following areas - Airport Codes, Airport/Airline Insight, and Flight Navigation; Passport, Visa, and COVID Requirements; Destination & Suppliers; and so much more.

Don't book your next trip without a trusted Travel Advisor! We're certainly here to assist!

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