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All-Inclusive Vacations

My favorite type of vacations, by far, are All-Inclusive Vacations. The feeling of knowing that

I don’t have to stress about airport transfers, dining options, resort activities, and many other things, is priceless to me. I am very selective about the “All-Inclusive” resorts that I and my clients stay. Why? Well I’m glad you asked.

One thing to know about All-Inclusive resorts is that not all of them are truly All-Inclusive. Many resorts use this term loosely, and charge additional fees onsite for certain amenities, activities, dining options, beverages, and many other things. It is certainly not a good feeling to arrive on a resort, to find out that you’re being penny-pinched for the things that you thought would be included in your vacation package. When selecting a resort, it is important to research exactly what is included in the package, what things you will be charged for while there, and what those costs look like. Research and having the right Travel Designer is "KEY"

, to making sure you All-Inclusive Vacation is meeting your needs and expectations.

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