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The Key Difference

There are several online do-it-yourself travel booking sites, and many times, it looks like you’re getting the best deal on these sites. My question to you then is, what is your definition of best? If by best, you mean cheapest, then yes, oftentimes, you are getting the “best deal” there; however, are you getting a full package….the “KEY” deal?

As your Travel Designer, I go over and beyond to create the vacation of your dreams. My process begins with a full consultation in which I gather details about your expectations, desires, and more. After the data-gathering session, I get to work with my design and coordination process, and I follow up with my tried-and-true recommendations so that you can feel confident knowing that the vacation is being planned according to your unique personality. During my coordination process, I am ensuring that the puzzle is completely intact. There are many components that are often overlooked, but Key Occasions provides a worry-free vacation by ensuring that all components, such as airport transfers and travel insurance, are included in your travel package. I also pride myself in adding extra perks, that are not always available to the general public.

Utilizing the Travel Design services offered by Key Occasions will certainly save you time, money, and headaches. Contrary to online booking sites, you have an advocate and personal contact to manage your travel needs and the funds that you’ve investment. I am here to service your travel needs every step of the way - pre, during, and post vacation.

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