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Travel Designing Is My True Passion!

I do what I do for the people and because it is a TRUE PASSION! - Sakeysha Williams

As a child, going on vacations always excited me. It wasn’t just the vacation, but the planning portion was something that I always made myself a part of. By high school, planning trips was something that I became known for doing. I would research (and sometimes book) rooms and excursions for friends and family with plans for taking trips.

Also being a geography and meteorology semi-nerd, with a love for entertaining, I thought that I wanted to be a broadcast journalist, and enrolled in the Electronic Broadcast Program at North Carolina A&T State University. After transferring to the University of South Carolina, in the same program, I immediately learned that I despised the massive of amount of papers that had to be written in EVERY class. I did some research on other majors and learned about the Hospitality Management program offered there. I FELL IN LOVE!!!! This program was so me, and I enjoyed learning more about the Travel & Tourism Industry (I could’ve done without the restaurant classes, lol). I graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management and a Certificate in Wedding Planning in 2006.

After graduation, my long list of jobs and extensive career exploration began. I held a couple Sales Management positions with hotels and casino cruises while living in Jacksonville, FL, but after moving to Charlotte, NC, I struggled to find jobs in the industry. Did I mention that I’m a creative person, and that I bore easily? If not, there you have it. With that being said, I’ve worked in a few call centers (HATED IT), as a Mortgage Processor and Mortgage Underwriter (HATED IT), went to nail school and opened a nail salon (HATED IT), went to hair school (mind you, I couldn’t do a lick of hair before starting), got my NC Real Estate license (this I do like - but only for helping friends and family), joined several MLM companies, and the list goes on. One thing that remained consistent throughout the years was my love for planning travel and events. Since 2007, I’ve always freelanced travel and event planning. I took a break from travel planning from 2018-2021 while working as a Business Development Manager for Sandals and Beaches Resorts. I enjoyed working there, but something was missing. I was gaining all of this knowledge about these amazing resorts, but I was unable to share and sell them to my own personal clients. I trained other Travel Agents while in this role, and while sharing my wealth of knowledge and marketing ideas to them, it made me realize that I was missing out on running my own successful travel business.

With all of that being said, I reopened my business because I have a serious passion for planning travel. I have a unique education and professional background that allows me to stand out from the crowd in this industry. I REALLY KNOW THE PRODUCTS I SELL...and I’ve experienced them. As a wife and mother of 2, I love to utilize my skills to help other wives/mothers by designing much-needed vacation packages with their spouses so that they can reconnect and let their hair down. I want people of color to enjoy the finer things in life as we well deserve to. I love that I’m able to provide TRIED and TRUE recommendations to locations that fit the personality, budget, ambience, and activity options that each client is seeking.

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